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With the help of the land sizes available and the site map , select the residential land you would like to occupy.

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For our gated community we have a range of house designs to pick from when building your house.

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Wild winds has a range of residential stands that form a perfect gated community for your house.


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We are dedicated to providing Zimbabwean authentic, well serviced and affordable low density residential
stands. From new home owners to seasoned real estate investors, Wild Winds is your trusted partner

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Low Density Residential Stands Available

For one to acquire a residential stand under wild winds trust they have to go under the following procedure:

Our website caters for customer enrolment process and also transactions processing and record keeping. Hence everything happens within the website or is systematic by nature.

  • Have an idea of the pricing for the three options available. We offer 500, 1000 and 2000 square meters residential stands. We can of course offer anything above that prior a request.
  • We only allow residential owners of stands under the Wild Winds Trust to build their homes from our designs. They can of course alter on some angles but they must following a certain standard. Hence our website comes with designs you can pick from after the process above.
  • After one has selected the land volume and design they can then request for the land. Once your request is approved you can then proceed to payment of the required deposit and periodic installments as per agreement.

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1000 Square Meters
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